PhishMax is e-Forensics’ Managed Service for Security Awareness Testing & Training that dramatically reduces exposure to dangerous phishing attacks. Unlike do-it-yourself, subscription-based offerings, and other managed service providers, the e-Forensics team building the attack campaign scenarios actually investigate phishing hacks.

It’s official: the majority of data breaches result from Phished employees. And investments in hardening the perimeter and messaging environment fail to address the crux of the problem. If the employee is an extension of your firewall, the employee requires hardening as well, and that is what PhishMax offers: Hardening the Human Firewall.


  • IT Security Awareness training, people testing and education – PhishMax is a managed services phishing simulation and security awareness training platform. A proven tool to maintain vigilance against malware attacks and educate your organization to recognize cyber threats.
  • Campaign based on a scenario  – Choose from over 100 best-practice templates, and adapt it to your own specific needs.
  • Mixed and custom campaigns  –  Mix campaign with different scenarios and send different templates to different recipients, or optionally use custom-built phishing simulations.
  • Educate your people and improve their cyber threat knowledge with predefined learning content or add your own training content.
  • Report, analyze, learn and improve your future simulations – State-of-the-art reporting is tailored for risk managers, or other stakeholders. PhishMax’s integrated dashboard and in-depth statistics provide the data necessary for IT-security specialists to analyze past campaigns or improve future ones.


-Real time monitoring: emails opened; link clicks; successful attacks; recipient’s operating system;   recipient’s browser & plugins; plugin & browser vulnerabilities; mail plugin results;  training stats; quiz results; file downloads and file execution or any data gathered by the malware simulations.

  -Monitor attack statistics and eLearning progress

  • Dramatically lower risk profile –Simulations and training campaigns realize best returns on investment when executed on a recurring basis.
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